prayer requests


September 8,2019


Joan – grandson Jackson has a fractured nose.

Dennis – grandson Nathan has a bro

 Grandson Anthony is in the ER, may need surgery.

Jolene – friend Valerie’s mother needs prayer

Sue – her sister needs a hip replacement.

Mary M – friend has cancer

Susan – heart attack in the family

John C– grandson Chris has moved to Oroville. He is an 80% disabled vet. Prayer for a good transition.

John C -prayers for those affected by the new fire by Swede’s Flat Road.

Elaine – prayers for those affected by the Paradise fire.  This new fire brought back traumatic memories.

CeCe – they need a new home.  Joey is working.

Pastor Toby shared his experiences following 9/11.  May we always find the cross at the bottom of each pit/trauma as was found at the disaster site.