Quarters for Mission

We should be celebrating our mission giving. For over two years we have been raising money for mission by contributing our quarters. Our goal was $1500 to fund the cost of an entire Garden Well for a needy community in the third world country through the Presbyterian Mission Program. This well will provide clean water for drinking, bathing,, washing and irrigation to an entire community. Through your generous support, we reached our goal of $1500 in February. So give yourselves a pat-on-the-back and keep bringing your quarters on Sunday. It’s amazing what some quarters all do and how God can use that.

Quarters for Mission – up date

Our new goal is to raise $235 for a sheep and a goat through World Vision. This will go to a needy family in the U.S. or overseas. One ewe or one goat provide nutrias milk and cheese for essential protein, vitamins and minerals, plus wool for sweaters and blankets. The family can also use th offspring to earn money for medicines and other necessities. It will be the perfect gift for a family and your quarters can change a life.